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Iran Foreign Trade

Iran Foreign Trade Iran’s economy is composed of public, private and cooperative sectors. Although the private sector is very active in the country’s industry and businesses, the economic activities of strategic importance are supervised by the government. Heavy industries like steel mills and heavy equipment manufacturing, power supply, oil, military industries, the railways, shipping, telecommunications, airlines and banking are among those overseen by the government, however, the private sector is a reliable contracting partner. Vast oil and natural gas resources exist across the country. Oil is Iran’s leading industry with a number of large refineries in Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kermanshah and elsewhere. While efforts have been under way to boost the country’s non-petroleum exports, oil is still the most important Iranian commodity internationally. Some of the items exported in the year 1995 have been listed here According to the statistics released by the an independent research group: Goods Value in U.S. $ 1000 carpets 1433505 fruits 600444 pistachio 385920 leather 75120 caviar 44385 casings 54700 gum 3092 cumin 45232 cotton 5521 detergents 9360 inorganic chemical products 75009 shoes 32409 copper bars 202090 fabrics, stones and tiles 81650 construction material 35290 vehicles 83350 Although planning is under way to promote other industrial exports, agricultural and traditional goods were still on top of the list of the country’s non-petroleum export in the year 1995: Commodity Export Value in U.S. $ 1000 agricultural and traditional goods 2976535 metal ore 42607 industrial goods 732037 other commodities 187723 These figures have consistently increased in recent years and herald a reduction of dependency on oil. Domestically, only five Iranian cities had natural

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