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Syria: Peace Through Dialogue

Syria: Peace Through Dialogue
            It is apparent through that the Syrian crisis is entering a new and dangerous phase through the usage of chemical weapons and under threats of war, however, the crisis begs the collective efforts of all peace and security loving nations.
            The Islamic Republic of Iran recognizes that the devastating fallout from a possible war is of concern to majority of nation as well.  While the I.R. of Iran condemns any use of chemical weaponry, it also recognizes that start of a new war in middle east will sink the very sensitive region further into turmoil.  Therefore in congruity with other governments efforts we agree that all measures should be considered to avoid war in Syria.
            Given to how we view the situation, we are hopeful to arrive at a peaceful and realistic solution through mutual efforts. We encourage aggressive nations to refrain from making any hasty decisions prior to the release of findings of the research group task force commissioned by the UN.
            Delaying any military intervention in Syria pending the authorization of the Observer bodies speaks of the wisdom of nations that recognize the trenchant repercussions of a new war in Middle East.  Today an opportunity has arisen to further analyze the situation and contemplate ways to arrive at lasting peace and security.
            This should be considered a window of opportunity to further strengthen the willingness of all concerned nations to resolve the crisis by implementing and undertaking peaceful measures through political dialogue. 
            The Islamic Republic of Iran would like to encourage all peace seeking countries and organizations to condemn warmongering, and warns against the serious human fatalities and the catastrophic destruction of the social fabric of the Syrian society if a war were to break out.  Any acts of war would have undesirable aftermaths in the region and would be considered illegal aggression if not authorized in accord with the United Nations charter.  We are confident that all states in the world would condemn unilateral military actions and would not tolerate acts of violence against Syria without the authorization of the United Nations.
            We hope that the officials of all countries would use their influence to persuade the White House to refrain from unilateral actions against Syria and instead contemplate a political and peaceful solution to the crisis.
            The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready and willing to engage in constructive cooperation with all peace-loving nations to resolve the Syrian crisis and ensure the return of peace and tranquility to the region.

Ministry of foreign affairs,
Islamic Republic of IRAN,
All Rights Reserved - 2014