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Iran turns to traditional partners as EU tarries on bypassing US sanctions
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran is working with its traditional partners such as China, Russia and India to circumvent the US sanctions.
 12:24 - 9/01/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Slamming bans, Zarif says accusing Iran wont absolve EU responsibility for housing terrorists
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has lambasted the European Union (EU) for harboring notorious MKO terrorists, warning that “accusing” Iran and imposing sanctions against the Islamic Republic will not “absolve” Europe of responsibility for housing members of the terror outfit.
 12:22 - 9/01/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Trump war criminal for depriving Iranian patients of medicine: Official
US President Donald Trump has deprived the Iranian patients of medicine and those doing so are war criminals, said managing director of Iranian Comprehensive Hemophilia Care Centre (ICHCC) .
 12:20 - 9/01/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Turkey resumes importing Iranian crude oil under US sanctions waiver
Turkey has resumed imports of crude from Iran under waivers granted by the United States to almost all Iranian oil clients after Washington re-imposed the “toughest” sanctions ever against Tehran, trading and shipping sources say.
 12:18 - 9/01/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
US pure obsession with Iran like attitude of failing psychotic stalkers: FM Zarif
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States has a "pure obsession" with Iran which is very much like the attitude of "persistently failing psychotic stalkers.
 12:16 - 9/01/2019 - Comments : 0More >>

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