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News > Zarif says extremism is outcome of wrong policies

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Zarif says extremism is outcome of wrong policies

Zarif says extremism is outcome of wrong policies

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that the violence and extremism in the region are the outcome of wrong policies.

The international community and all regional players have to recognize violence and extremism as the number one threat to world peace and global stability, Zarif said at the International World Against Violence and Extremism Conference in Tehran, IRNA reported. 
Zarif noted that not taking the campaign against violence and extremism seriously is as dangerous as underestimating the threat of terrorism and extremism, which would have serious repercussions. 
“The roots of extremism and violence should first be sought in minds,” he noted.
Extremism and violence are not new things, the new things are the modern styles of extremism and violence which have connected ideology and technology, he observed. 
He went on to say that regional players are trying to exploit violence and extremism in order to serve their individual and politicalinterests. 
The Iranian Foreign Minister also said occupations, crackdowns, violations of basic human rights, colonialism, hegemony, foreign invasions, poverty, injustice, backwardness, and sanctions are objective factors contributing to the creation of extremism and violence.
In the new international relations, everyone needs to be aware of violence masked by a mild face, Zarif stated. 
“The interventions made under pretext of defending human rights actually pursue strategic purposes,” he added.
“Today, few regions in the world have become as violent as our region,” he said, adding that violence is not inherent in the region but has been imposed on it. 
Zarif said that certain regional and international players are responsible for the crises in Syria and Iraq, noting that they are seeking their own interests in the region and are exploiting violence and extremism to this end. 

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