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News > IGAD chief says Iran’s presence in Horn of Africa is a source of peace

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IGAD chief says Iran’s presence in Horn of Africa is a source of peace

IGAD chief says Iran’s presence in Horn of Africa is a source of peace

“Iran has constantly been the source of peace and tranquility for the people of Africa and we welcome a more involvement of Iran in North Africa,” Maalim said in a meeting with experts at the Institute for Political and International Studies, a think thank run by the Iranian Foreign Ministry.
Maalim said IGAD is ready to expand cooperation with Iran.
He also said the presence of the Iranian companies have led to the development of infrastructure projects such as hospitals, schools and roads in Africa.
The IGAD chief also pointed to the role of Iran in campaign against terrorism, saying, “Terrorism has no connection with Islam.” 
He added, “We need a strategic campaign to root out terrorism.”
The African official also said injustice, poverty and power struggle are the causes behind the germination of terrorist groups in the world.
He also said the initiative by the Iranian president for a “World against Violence and Extremism”, known as WAVE, can be very helpful in countering extremism and terrorism.
During the session Mostapha Zahrani, the IPIS director, said Iran welcomes more interaction with Africa.
Zahrani said Iran’s dealings with Africa are of cultural nature and Iran has been supporting Africans in their campaign against colonization since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
He also said terrorism is spreading in the world very quickly and this has its roots in globalization and hidden support to terrorist groups by certain countries.
The IPIS chief went on to say that Iran is ready to share its experiences in fight against terrorism with African countries. 
IGAD, founded in 1996 in Eastern Africa, is tasked to help the people of Africa to have food and to promote a peaceful existence. It also oversees security and economic situations. Together with the six countries, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya that make up this organization, they try to create harmonious living environments, which also affect all fields of business and everyday life. They encourage and enable foreign trade, which is essential to African survival.

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