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News > Iran backs anti-extremist Muslims from Gaza to Pakistan, president says

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Iran backs anti-extremist Muslims from Gaza to Pakistan, president says

Iran backs anti-extremist Muslims from Gaza to Pakistan, president says

The participants, who include large delegates from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, India, Indonesia, Britain, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Palestine, etc. focus on problems facing the Islamic world, such as the threat posed by ISIL.
Addressing the opening ceremony of the conference, President Hassan Rouhani said Iran will defend Muslims who are standing against violence, terrorism, and occupation “whether they are in Gaza, Damascus, Mosul, Iraqi Kurdistan, Afghanistan, or Pakistan.” 
He also warned of the imperial powers’ plots aimed at causing division among Muslims to rule the strategic lands of the Islamic world.
Rouhani said some mercenaries are distorting the image of Islam as they commit atrocities in Iraq and other Islamic countries in the name of this holy religion.
Certain states give money and arms to murders 
ISIL militants are defaming Islam by killing innocent people, he noted. “We should tell the world that Islam is not the religion of violence and extremism, rather, it is the religion of tolerance.”
The president went on to say that certain countries give “money and arms” to these “murders who are more brutal than wild animals”. 

Rouhani calls for ‘practical measures’ to foster unity
“Today we should join hands and all Islamic scholars should make efforts so that the Muslim world would enjoy unity,” he said, calling for “practical measures” to foster unity among Muslims.  
“We cannot achieve unity through words, slogans, and holding repeated gatherings and conferences on this issue. It can be attained through cooperation of all Islamic faiths,” he said.
“For Muslims to unify, they have to practice recognizing different Islamic faiths as one single religion as soon as they start their studies in schools. Unity should be taught in school books,” Rouhani noted. 
“If we want unity of the Islamic world, we have to resolve the issues that lead to the conflict of interests. If we seek unity of the Islamic world, we have to explain common dangers threatening each Muslim country and consider that as a threat against all other Muslim states. And if we are to achieve unity of the Islamic world, we need to know our common interests and admit that our unity would benefit ourselves, our children, our countries, and our Ummah,” he asserted.

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