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News > Trading sanctions for ideals will not be accepted: Leader

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Trading sanctions for ideals will not be accepted: Leader

Trading sanctions for ideals will not be accepted: Leader

He described immunization of the country against sanctions as the “actual meaning” of the resistance economy and “the main responsibility” of the Iranian officials.
Sanctions have created problems in the country, but if the enemy sets an abandoning of Islam, independence and scientific advance as a condition for removal of sanctions, it will be accepted by no official, the Leader told large number of people from Qom ahead of the January 9 uprising against the Pahlavi regime in Qom in 1978 which marked a turning point in the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Now, the enemy does not openly challenges the ideals of the Islamic Revolution but if it notices that Iran is backing down from its position it will seek to defy the ideals and that is why the real intention behind any “propositions, words and actions” by the enemy should be understood.
The Leader stated that “tool” of sanctions should be taken away from the enemy and criticized the U.S. for saying that even if Iran backs down on the nuclear issue, the sanctions will not be removed totally.
The Leader stated that he is not against the talks, but is on the belief that there should be reliance on “actual promising points” and not the “imaginary” ones.
Officials should not eye their hopes on the actions of the government and they should draw up a well thought plan for countering economic problems.
He also highlighted the importance of cutting dependence on oil revenues and stated “by relying on the people and internal forces, we should act in a way that the progress and the people’s welfare will not be harmed, even if the enemy does not remove sanctions.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader stated that creating division among the people under any justification runs against the national interests and causes.
He called national unity the most important need of the country.
Ayatollah Khamenei also said it is the duty of all to support the government. He added state official should also know that on reliance on domestic forces can enable them to their duties.

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