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News > Iran, Cypriot foreign ministers discuss regional developments

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Iran, Cypriot foreign ministers discuss regional developments

Iran, Cypriot foreign ministers discuss regional developments

Zarif made the remarks in a joint press conference with his Cypriot counterpart Ioannis Kasoulides.

The two foreign ministers discussed expansion of cooperation in dealing with regional security and campaign against extremism and terrorism mainly in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, Zarif said.

Due to vicinity of Cyprus to the Mediterranean Sea, the country is very close to Syria and Lebanon which can play active role in fight against extremism and terrorism, Zarif said.

As an active member of EU, Cyrus can also play positive role in regional and global developments on campaign against extremism and terror, he said.

Recent global developments proved that to what extent collective global coalition is required in campaign against terrorism and extremism, he said.

Iran immediately condemned the terrorist acts in Paris and declared that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and only damage the prestige of Muslims, he said.

The only way is a global comprehensive and collective response to extremism and terrorism and double standard policies should be halted, Zarif said.

Such terrorist moves stem from the Middle East region but will promote to other parts of the world as well, he said.

Cypriot foreign minister, for his part, expressed satisfaction over his visit to Iran and said the visit has created suitable opportunity for expansion of mutual relation and cooperation.

Both Iran and Cyprus with deeply rooted relations are committed to their principles and values and understand each other very well, he said.

To help restore regional stability and security, the two sides studied various grounds to bolster commerce, tourism, cultural and educational issues through signing agreements, said the Cypriot foreign minister.

'In the meeting we also discussed on backing Iraqi government and people and the means to deal with Daesh terrorist group in the country,' he said.

Current developments in Syria and Iraq have created security issues for Lebanon as well, he said adding that Iran can help facilitate conduct of presidential election in both countries.

Terrorist moves and operations have surpassed the geographical borders and has engulfed the entire region and the globe, he said adding that recent incident in Paris proved that Iran as a key regional country plays active role in fight against terrorism and seeks restoration of peace and security in the region.

On nuclear talks, he expressed the hope that talks between Iran and G5+1 to bear fruit.

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