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News > Palestine welcomes ICC examination of situation in occupied lands

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Palestine welcomes ICC examination of situation in occupied lands

Palestine welcomes ICC examination of situation in occupied lands

'The announcement comes following the lodging by the State of Palestine of a Declaration under article 12 (3) of the Rome Statute granting jurisdiction to the Court to investigate crimes committed in the occupied territory of the State of Palestine, including East Jerusalem, since 13 June 2014.'

'Palestine considers this an important positive step towards achieving justice and ensuring respect for international law,' Palestinian Mission in London announced in a media release.

'The State of Palestine lodged this declaration and acceded to the Rome Statute to ensure that serious crimes, notably war crimes and crimes against humanity, do not go unpunished. This is anchored in the conviction that the principle of accountability is one of the cornerstones of justice, whose achievement is indispensable to the cause of peace.'

In recent years alone, thousands of Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed, including over 2000 in the latest Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip this summer, the mission added.

'Serious violations of international law amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity, including settlement activity, are ongoing throughout the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. By seeking to bring perpetrators of such crimes to justice, we would be honouring the victims and protecting others from becoming victims in the future.'

'The impunity enjoyed by Israel, the Occupying power, has allowed it to persevere in its systematic and blatant breach of international law as well as violations of Palestinian rights. Ending this impunity is an important contribution to upholding universal values, ensuring accountability, and achieving peace. In this regard, States also have a standing legal and moral obligation to respect and ensure respect for international law, and need to act to ensure an end to Israeli violations of international law, and an end to the Israeli occupation,' read the media release.

The Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the also reaffirmed its readiness to fully cooperate with the International Criminal Court to serve the cause of justice and the law as well as the dignity of all members of the human family.

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