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News > Iran reiterates support for Iraq in fighting terrorists

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Iran reiterates support for Iraq in fighting terrorists

Iran reiterates support for Iraq in fighting terrorists

“Iran considers security in Iraq as that of the Iranian security,” Rahmani Fazli said at a joint press conference with Iraqi Interior Minister Mohammad Salem al-Ghabban in Tehran on Saturday.
Support for the Iraqi government and people “is among our religious duties”, he insisted.
“Iraq needs weapons, munitions and training and Iran can help a lot and we hope that cooperation between the two countries will increase,” Rahmani Fazli stated.
Al-Ghabban appreciated Tehran for its military aid and support to Iraq in fight against terrorist groups.
“In fighting terrorism, we need to use the experience of Iran’s Interior Ministry and the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Ghabban said.
“It is true that Iran is not a member of the [U.S.-led] anti-Daesh coalition, but we welcome any assistance by Iran since Daesh was a big danger to our government and we appreciate Iran for its efforts and for providing us with anything we needed,” he explained.
In relevant remarks in December, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underscored the country’s support for those world states, especially the ones in the region that take real and practical measures against terrorism.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the determination of these governments to fight terrorism,” he added.

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