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News > Iran Khodro expands after-sale services in Iraq

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Iran Khodro expands after-sale services in Iraq

Iran Khodro expands after-sale services in Iraq

'In order to increase its market share in the Persian Gulf littoral state, thes auto manufacturer has diversified its export products to Iraq and expanded its after-sale services in various Iraqi cities,' the Managing Director of Iran Khodro Industrial Group Hashem Yekke-Zare'a said during a visit of Karbala Governor General Aqil Al Tarihi to the production lines of the company.

He said that Iraq, as Iran's friendly and neighboring country, is of great significance for Tehran, as the Iranians attach special importance to their western neighbor.

'In order to satisfy our Iraqi customers, we intend to expand our after-sale services in various Iraqi cities, especially in Karbala,' reiterated Yekke-Zare'a.

Karbala Governor, too, praised the advancement and capabilities of Iran Kodro Industrial Gorup during the visit and said that such advancements will definitely lead to broader industrial ties between Iran and Iraq.

Aqil Al Tarihi said that foreign vehicles manufactured in various countries, including Russia, are present in Iraq but most of them do not match the geographical conditions of Iraq.

'They are appropriate for use in winter season, but do not match the summer season perfectly, while the Iran Khodro products do not have that deficiency,' he said.

He said that the Turkish merchants have a stronger presence in Iraq today, but since the Iranian government intends to expand its relations with Iraq, facilitatation of joint or even unilateral investments in Iraq is quite possible.

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