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Consulate section


Before to apply, the supporting documents must be prepared. All the necessary documents for the application will need to be provided.

Requirements to apply for Iranian Visa:

  1. The Original passport, valid for at least 6 months beyond intended stay.
  2. The original passport should have at least two opposite blank pages. (visa page)
  3. The print out of the completed visa application form, signed by applicant.
    Application Form – Normal Passport (all nationality)
    Application Form – Normal Passport (US & UK) 
    Application Form – Diplomatic & official Passport
  4. Two 3×4 cm, recent ID photos (In colour).
  5. .The original proof of payment according to the correct visa application fee.(subject to change by currency rates) (Only the "Original" deposite slip or the print out of the EFT payment.)
  6. Itinerary of flight / Copy of ticket
  7. The Original Pathologist test / Report for HIV – TB Shots (Tuberculin Skin Test) – Hepatitis B Shot- Hepatitis C Tests, which should NOT be older than two (2) weeks . The ORIGINAL result from Laboratory
  8. Letter from company in S.A. and employee’s C.V.
  9. Applicants should be prepared to demonstrate their strong social, economic and/or family ties to South Africa as well as their purpose and duration of travel.
  10. We will not refund the the fee if the application is unsuccessful.

Impotant Notice:

  •  Visa will be issued upon receiving an invitation from a credible Iranian Company (the partner in Iran). In the absence of an Iranian partner, a written introduction by SA chambers of commerce or Financial Intuition will be needed by the Embassy to communicate receiving an “authorization” from Iran which will be finalized within “5 working days”.


  •  In that regard, the applicant should contact to the Consular Section of the Embassy, ONLY AFTER 5 WORKING DAYS, from the date to receive the authorization number, to find out about the status of his/her visa, accordingly.



  • After the confirmation from the Consular Section of the Embassy regarding to the authorization, the applicant has to prepare all the requirements which they been mention above, before to approach to the Consular Section of the Embassy for submission.



  • All the requirements are compulsory to all applicants.


Waiting Time:

If your application needs to be referred, you may have to wait 1 month or longer for a decision on your visa application. We cannot guarantee that your visa will be issued by the date you request.

Warning: Travellers with passport issued by occupied Palestine regime  will not be granted entry into Iran.

NB: Travellers cheques issued by American Financial Institutions & Banks are NOT accepted in Iran.

Processing Time:
Approximately14-21 working days (SA P. /Port holders)

Single entry visa is valid for 3 months
Double entry visa is valid for 3 months
For multiple entry visas, there are three types of visas:
       1. Multiple entry visa which is valid for 3 months
       2. Multiple entry visa which is valid for 6 months
       3. Multiple entry visa which is valid for 1 year

NB: the two weeks visa is only valid for 3 months from the time of issuing after which one has to apply for renewal.

Government Main Application Fee:
Transit visa R495
Single entry visa R825
Double entry visa R1650
Multiple entry visas:  
   1.Three months R1650
   2.Six months R2310
   3.One year R3300
Work visa R2970
Tourist visa   R660
Pilgrim visa R420
Study visa R580
Journalist visa   R825


  • Payment for ALL visas should be made by means of a direct deposit into the Embassy’s Bank Account. And the money is non-refundable.(Applicants should be sure about authorization number, before make any payments)
  • In an urgent case, the payment should be made, plus 50% of the total amount.
  • In order to collect visaed passport, the messenger must have the original receipt (which is given on submission of passport) as proof of collection.
  • Visitors travelling to Iran on British, USA & Canadian passport are required to fill in a different application form and different tariff which can be obtained from The Embassy.

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

245Melk st, Middel st, Muckleneuk, Brooklyn, Pretoria 0181, South Africa

P.O. Box 12546 Hatfield 0028

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Direct Tel: +27 (0) 87945-1307


Office Hours:
onday to Friday, 09h00-12h00 (Submission and Collection)
These offices will be closed on all S.A. public holidays as well as Eid and Iranian Holidays.

Banking Details:
Standardbank, Hatfield Branch, Pretoria
Acc. Holder: Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Acc. Number: 414 336 976
Acc. Type: Saving Account
Branch Code: 011545

Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

E-mail: (Consulate Section)


No. 5 Yekta Street, Vali-E-Asr Avenue, Tajrish, Tehran
Tel: +98(21)2270- 2866/7/8/9
Fax: +98(21)2271-9516

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Islamic Republic of IRAN,
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