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News > Iran not to be pressured by sanctions, oil price drop: President

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Iran not to be pressured by sanctions, oil price drop: President

Iran not to be pressured by sanctions, oil price drop: President

The President made the remarks while addressing local people in this southwestern provincial capital city where he arrived earlier today on a two-day visit on his 12th provincial visit and his second to Bushehr.

“Although the oil price has fallen to more than half of its price in last month, those who planned the oil price drop against certain countries will regret it,” said the President noting that those who made that plan cannot continue it.

The drop in oil price will put no pressure on the country as “only 33 percent of Iran’s budget depends on oil,” said the President.

“If they (Western countries) think Iran will lose from a drop in oil price, they have to notice that other producing countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will also lose even more than Iran.

“Figures show that 80 percent of Saudi Arabia’s annual budget depends on oil and crude oil contributes 90 percent of its annual exports. Kuwait’s budget is 95 percent dependence on oil and crude oil consists 95 percent of its exports. But Iran’s budget in current year is only dependent on oil by 33 percent.”

President Rouhani stressed that his government has offered the least oil-dependent budget bill to the Majlis (Parliament).

President Rouhani said, “Only one third of our budget is oil-related. 60 percent of Iran’s exports are dependent on oil and the rest are non-oil products. We have decided to increase non-oil exports this year.”

Touching upon the issue of sanctions and nuclear negotiations, President Rouhani said, “All Iranians demand the end of the unjust sanctions against the country.”

Addressing all who imposed sanctions against Iran and are probably thinking of more sanctions today, he said, “The era of threats and sanctions is over.

“The nuclear negotiators will lose if they fail to adopt a logical and quick way for dealing with Iran,” said the President.

“We will continue the way of negotiation, coexistence with the world and constructive interaction within the framework of national interests and rationalism as well as respecting rights of the Iranian nation,” President Rouhani said.

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